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IT Service Management Hersteller Lösungsbereiche

IT Service Management

Business Service Management

Newtest ip-label End User Experience & Applications Performance
Datametrie ip-label Cloud User Experience & Applications Performance
nGenius NETSCOUT Netzwerk Performance Management ITSM IT Service Management onDemand
Spectrum CA

Fault Management

Root Cause Isolation

Realtime Impact Analysis

Resource Management

Service Operations Insight (SOI)

 CA Real-time view of business service status and cross-domain visualization of service components; Unified Event Management.

Executive Insight (EI)

 CA Real-time metrics. Data cen be pulled from IT and external systems to provide a single view of business performance.

Business Service Insight (BSI)

 CA Proactively manage SLA obligations with suppliers, internal customer and external customers.

Performance Center

 CA Converged Infrastructure Performance and Availability for systems, networks and applications to improve service quality, predictability and efficiency.

Network Flow Analysis

 CA Monitor network traffic, get real-time visibility and historical analysis of which applications and hosts are consuming the most bandwidth.

Application Delivery Analysis

 CA End-to-end application response time monitoring and analysis.

Virtual Assurance

 CA Centralized management of heterogeneous virtual and physical environments.

Systems Performance

 CA System Agents for various platforms and integrations (physical and virtual systems).

CA Unified Infrastructure Management

 CA Single, unified IT monitoring solution spanning both traditional data centers and newer virtualization and cloud environments including applications, servers, networks, databases and end user experience.
 eHealth Suite  CA  E2E-integriertes Performance Reporting

Applikationsperformance und Usage

Server- und Netzwerkperformance

Service Level Reporting

IP Service-, DNS/DHCP Management Hersteller Lösungsbereiche
VitalQIP Alcatel-Lucent

IP-Adressadministration und Delivery

DNS/DHCP Delivery

runIP n3k DNS/DHCP-Appliancelösung für VitalQIP
EfficientIP Product Family EfficientIP

IP-Adressadministration und Delivery

Men & Mice Suite

Men & Mice

IP-Adressadministration und Delivery

DNS/DHCP Delivery

IT Security Management Hersteller


HP ArcSight HP Enterprise Security

Enterprise Threat and Risk Management

Security Correlation und -Alerting

Reporting und Evaluation

Log Management


Defense Pro Radware

Application Security (Intrusion Prevention, NBA, QoS Prevention)

IP360 Suite Tripwire Automatisiertes Security & Compliance Auditing
Vulnerability Management

Privileged Account Security Suite

CyberArk Sicherung, Management und Überwachung gemeinsam genutzter privigelierter Acconuts
8MAN Protected Networks GmbH Berechtigungs- und Benutzermanagement



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